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The Shadow Initiation

South Australian Museum

Australia’s first, museum-wide digital adventure game. The Shadow Initiation is part-escape room, part-scavenge hunt, part behind-the-scenes museum tour. Entirely facilitated by a tablet, teams of up to 4 navigate the South Australian Museum on a mission to score as many points as possible and earn their way into a top-secret society.

The Shadow Initiation was developed for the South Australian Museum with the aim of finding a new way to engage visitors and broaden the appeal of the museum for visitors 18-40 years. But upon installation the game has been enjoyed by young and old. There is no age limit on fun!

Tapping into the craze of escape rooms and adventure games, The Shadow Initiation takes this to the next level by making the whole museum the scene of the experience. By layering challenges, puzzles and adventure onto the museum experience, The Shadow Initiation brings the existing collections to life in a brand-new way.

With thousands of players to date, 90% of whom have rated the experience 4 or 5 stars (out of 5), the introduction of The Shadow Initiation to the South Australian Museum has added a unique, memorable experience to an Adelaide institution, even sparking the introduction of a sold out After Dark series, during which, the museum opens after hours for players to play The Shadow Initiation and enjoy food and drinks.

The Shadow Initiation is a permanent activation at the South Australian Museum, and available to book through their website.

South Australian Museum
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