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Detective Training Program


The Detective Training Program is an outdoor, team-building adventure designed for large groups from 20-100 people. Combining teamwork, strategy and communication it challenges participants whilst injecting some much-needed fun into a team-building or planning day.

The Detective Training Program was designed for our client as a supplementary offering to their escape room team building activities. Whilst indoor escape room venues are limited in capacity, The Detective Training Program allows for much larger group participation.

As rookie detectives, being put through their paces, teams must successfully complete a series of missions to complete their training. Based in and around Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia, the teams will solve puzzles, complete challenges, and work together to unlock all the missions and return to Mission Control within an hour. It’s fast-paced, challenging and strikes the balance between effective team-building, and good, old-fashioned fun!

This brief for this activation was to provide all the key elements for team-development, wrapped up in a super fun way, whilst being relatively hands-off for a facilitator. The game is largely self-run, meaning that teams can use their packs to navigate through the game, with only minimal interaction via text with ‘Mission Control’. This allows for large groups to be run with minimal staffing. The Detective Training Program has been successfully used as a team-building activity for both high school students and corporate clients.

Rundle Mall, Adelaide
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