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A Wizard's Test

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A tricky entrance exam for the highly respected Phantasia School of Magic. You will complete ten puzzles, designed to test your wit and your magical prowess. You will mark your test and determine your score at the end. You will then see which School House you have been sorted into.

Compete as an individual, or team up and be sorted as a group, it’s up to you...

A Wizard's Test is a quiz with a difference. No prior knowledge required, this is not trivia! A Wizard's test is a 1-hour experience, where you tackle escape-room style puzzles in a quiz format. Best played with others, you can team up and work each puzzle out together, or go it alone to see who has the highest score. Best streamed on a laptop or Smart TV, you can play with friends and family at home, hook up with friends in other locations or even host your own quiz night! You will each need a pen, paper, a calculator and your brains switched on.

Difficulty: 7/10. For adults. Children over 10 should be able to participate, perhaps with an adult's help.

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